Wednesday, June 25, 2014

I'm stayin in Pico! And Elder N is legit!

Beck Family!
This last week has been crazy good. So i have stayed in Pico and i have gotten a new companion as elder W has gone somewhere else do die and finish his last 4 weeks. He is actually going to die in down town long beach, a fun and crazy place to finish a mission. But my new companions name is Elder N. Now this is his full name. M M N de L S. That's quite a name right. He is from the Dominican Republic, and has lived there his entire life. He has been on the mission for about 8 months, and he is awesome. For real, all we do is talk to Spanish all day every day. My brain is just switching over into Spanish around him ,for the last week i only really talk in English to a couple ward members and young people that don't speak Spanish. Crazy awesome, its helps a lot to just had to speak it that much. But for real he is the man, he is 24 years old and just is a super good people person.
This last week we found lots of new investigators, and taught a good number of lessons, about 20. But we are going to do even better this week. We are just working super hard on helping our zone out. Our goal that we really want to see is to see every single companionship teach every single night, find at least 1 new investigator every week, and bring at least 1 person to church every week. And our zone is really close to that. Our zone is just on fire right now, people are teaching and finding like crazy, and they are real solid people.
We had a ward party on Saturday for fathers day. For real, im gonna drop it all ya'll, hispanics know how to party so much better than white people. for real. even the ward parties, no matter where you go, are always way better than white people parties. And this party was no different. There is always games, music, food, dancing. Its flippin fun, for real, white people need to get with it.
And anyways, incase you haven't heard, the world cup is going on and it is the funnest thing ever! for real, every single person here is watching and playing soccer all day cause of it. I am more intune with what is happening in the world cup than the olympics, basketball, nfl, baseball, all combined. I know who is playing who, players names, i own 5 soccer jerseys, we play with kids in the street and parks all the time. It is just super fun, everybody and their dog is into it. We even play it together as missionaries on p-dday, cuase we all like it that much. just saying, never thought that i would like it so much, or at all, but right now it is just awesome.
Anyways, love you all, have a good week family!

Beck out,
Elder Beck

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