Sunday, June 15, 2014

I just love being a missionary here!

Yes, this is the most awesome tree house ever!
Beck Family!
So i have almost no time, but i sent some pictures so that should make up for this.
First, we had a great week, we taught a member present lessson ever day and found a ton of new investigartors to teach. WE find by talking to everyone we see and expecting that some one we talk to will let us share something with them. We are pretty bold, i talkt to gang bangers and the sketchy looking type all day long. But guess what, they all love us. One, cause they can feel the spirit. 2, cause we are white guys that they respect.

Keep praying for B everybody, she needs it. She is doing so well, and she is accepting the live the commandments that we teach her about. But for some people there are just obstacles in the way that need heavenly help to get over. Be that help.

Love you family, love all of you, and sierra, good job on the 4.0

I liked how you said the last 2 days were a joke. the last 4 weeks were a joke for me.
Love you all.

Beck out,
Elder Beck

So i might get a minute of more on this other computer. Public libraries, you cant stop me from emailing my family!

for real, i hate public libraries, im gonna avoid these places like the plague for the rest of my life, they stress the crap outta me cause i have to type so fast and wonder if i will ever get a computer. Its the worst.

Anyways, hyrum, you look pretty crazy living in your reptile room. But you all looked sharp for the graduation. You are gonna make fine missionaries the 2 of you if you dress that sharp.

This is my favorite quote from President Tew this last week.

You are looking at running water!
We have been talking about establishing a mission culture a lot lately and this is what he said.
And yes the tree house was built around the tv

"Mission culture does not get established is meetings like this. It gets talked about in meetings like this. It gets established when a junior companion spends a day with a senior companion and say 'we really do that here dont we.'"

We are focusing as leaders on establishing a culuture of this mission, something that is permanant. It will be a culture of achieving goals, effectively planning, talking to everyone, and other things. I am excited for it.

Last thursday we gave a zone meeting on the culture we want to establish and it went really well, i love giving trainings now, and espescially something that i believe in. I love the vision that we are establishing, and i just love being a missionary here.
Beck out,
Elder Beck
This is a response to Shawn from Dallin:

Yeah, elder Ballard talked to us in the MTC and now just last week. Both times have been awesome, and its been cool to get 2 trainings from the same apostle, i can see what he is consistent on, and one of those things is 10 daily contacts, or going out of your way to talkt to an extra 10 people every day. I do that every single day, because he challenged us to do it at the MTC, and it has brought so much success.
I want to do more family history when i get home too, i feel like its something i would like.
Its weird, but i feel like im even better musically now than before. I dont get near the opportunities to play, like hardly ever, average 5 minutes of piano a week, but i just make those 5 minutes count. ITs crazy, but i cant wait to go home and see what i can do now, i feel like for some reason i can do it better now. But we will see, im also pretty seperated from my whole world of music.
We taught a member present lesson every day this week, we found a ton of new people to teach. Our area is awesome, but it really isnt different from a lot of areas where people struggle. It is the expectations that we have that is the difference. Whem me and elder W go out, we expect to find and to teach and to bring people to baptism, and that is what is happening. I love missionary work. take care dad.

This brother has one tricked out tree house!

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