Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Goob Bye Pico--this is sad!

Beck Family,

I am very sorry to have to say this, i honestly never thought this would happen. It was so unexpected, and i am so sad that i have to tell you guys this. I got a call from the mission President on Friday night releasing me as a zone leader. He wouldnt tell me why, he just said it had to happen. Next thing i know the on saturday the Assistents are telling me that i am going home. I was speechless, i honestly didnt think it would happen. But they said that i am going home on Tuesday, and that i need to start packing right now and saying goodbye. I couldnt believe it, I still cant believe it. I said goodbye to lots of people in Pico cause i will probably never see them again. I am so sad, in all honesty, more sad than i have ever been on my mission. But i cant change what President has said, i really am going home. That is right, this Tuesday i am getting transferred back to Compton! Thats back to my old hood that I call home. 

Oh my goodness, this is not an exxageration this week guys, this last week was crazy. Straight up crazy, let me drop it on ya'll.

So first thing, we found a family of 4 to teach this last week, we picked them all up, and they are looking good. We got to them from contacting the kid in the park. For real, we talk to everybody, cause you just never know who is ready to accept you.

But back to the first paragraph. Yes, i really have been released as a zone leader. I have been one for 7 1/2 months, and right now i am the oldest zone leader in the mission. And president has said that he doesnt want us dieing in leadership positions, that he wants us to return to the field and normal work before we go home. And that is what i am doing. And yes, i am also going back to the long beach 16th ward, and i am going to the area right below my old compton area. So i am pretty excited for that. That is probably where i am going to finish out my old mission. Going back to my gansta hood is one of the only things that makes this worth it. Because i am going to be leaving Pico.

In all honesty i am more sad than happy. I have never loved an area or a ward like this before. i love it here so much, i feel like i have grown so much being here and that working here has really changed my life. I know the whole city so well, just all of the people, i love it. This is my favorite ward i have ever been in, the members are just so good, literally everybody is just so loving and happy to work with us here. I have made such good friends and have learned from such good examples here. I started saying my goodbyes on Saturday, and it has taken me the whole weekend, and will take me all of tonight to say goodbye to everyone here. After 7 1/2 months you really get to know a lot of people, and they mean a lot to you. So sad to leave here, to not live in a 4 man pad anymore. 

The one experience i will share from this last week was on sunday. On sunday at church during sacrament meeting i told B that i am getting moved and that i leave in a couple of days. Her eyes immediately welled up with tears, and then she started to cry. It hurt me in my heart. She said "but you and elder Wahlen are my angels, what am i going to do without you?" I simply told her that in reality i never really did anything, all i did was try to represent somebody that really can help  her, who is Jesus Christ. She cried the entire church service. I bore my testimony during testimony meeting, and during it i felt choked up to say goodbye to everybody. I could see through my own tears many of them crying as well. This is what i have learned this week, that we really do have an impact of peoples lives when we represent Jesus Christ. That as we do what he would do at all times, we really do help and uplift and become important to other people. It was amazing to me to see that i meant a lot to this ward, which is full of people that mean a lot to me. I am never going to forget being here, these people have forever changed me. I am going to go say goodbye to a couple more people tonight, including B
, and i am probably gonna cry like a baby. Leaving these people hurts more than it has leaving any other group of people, and i think that is because it has taken me this long to start to try and understand who is jesus christ and how he would act. Cause when we do that, we naturally feel a love for people that is so strong. I am going to carry that back into my Compton area, and i will work relentlessly hard for my last little bit. I am gonna keep giving it my all, because these people deserve it, and because i have felt so much of this same love that Jesus Christ has for me. I love you all family, have a great week.


Beck out,

Elder Beck


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