Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Hey greenie, "now teach prophets"

Beck Family!

This last week was so crazy, like just nothing went down like life shoulda gone down. But still fun, like crazy fun.

I went on exchanges this last week with elder C. He has been out for about 7 weeks, and i went with him into his area. His area is the very down town of long beach. it was a pretty fun night. Guess what, at 7 weeks you might not know that much spanish, if like any. So basically i was just getting to talk to all of the investigators and try to teach them without having any real knowledge about them, and basically doing it without a on of help, based on the whole spanish issue. but we did get into one house at about 8 and we started teaching the restoration to this potential. I started, got up to the point that we talk about prophets, and then stopped talking, and looked at this greenie and said "now teach prophets," With a little fear of God and can do attitude, he then taught about prophets with all of the spanish that he knows. And the investigator completely understood everything he was trying to say. I dont believe that if i had taught that point he would have understood it any better than when this very young missionary still getting a hold of the language taught it. God makes up for what we can not do. It brought the spirit, made me realize that the spirit is often in a response to our faith, and our willingness to act on our faith. REally cool moment.

Also, just cause i am back in the ghetto, here is a ghetto story. We were going by an investigator at 8 at night. As we are knocking on his 2nd story apartment door, we see a police helicopter come zooming in down low and start circling the neighborhood where we are at, spotlighting the streets. Well this type of stuff happens literally, without exxageration, every night, so we dont really think a lot about it. But then the next day as we are passing by a member that lives cloes by to where we were, she asks if we heard any of the gunshots from the night before at about 8. She said that there was a large gunfight in that neighborhood the night before and 2 people were killed and that the police had come around talking to everybody if they had seen anything. Just saying, long beach is the hood. Adn just saying, this has to be proof of the divine protection that we have as missionaries, cause we are right around this stufff everyday, this stuff is almost constant. But never hfave i felt afraid of someting happening to us, we just do the right things and everything works out, we get guided out of danger. Cool right.

Me and elder Cm are gearing up to have a really good week. WE want to have what we call a perfect week, totally sanctified and obedient and time effective. It is one thing that i do not want to happen, i do not want to loose my fire at the end of my mission., In fact, i want to keep pushing hard, even pushing harder than ever before. I want to give it all. As coach Wilson would say, i want to leave it all out on the field. That is my goal, and this week sure is gonna do that, we are just pushing each other to be better, and we know that as we do this we are going to see miracles in this area, things are just going to explode here. Well love you family, thank you for everything that you do. take care.

Beck out,

Elder Beck

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