Tuesday, October 21, 2014

I'm back in the HOOD!

Beck Family!

Hope ya'll liked my letter last week, i thought that would be funny. but afterall, the hood really is my home now, im gonna be straight outta compton for the rest of my life.

But for real, leaving pico rivera was one of the hardest things i have done my whole mission. I loved that place so much. The ward was my favorite i have ever served in. all of the people that i met, the people we taught, it just truly became my home and i loved it, i was legitmately 'home sick' for days. I think more homesick than when you dropped me off at the MTC. It was hard, but i know that God has moved me here for a reason. And to be honest, of all places to go after leaving pico, back to the Long Beach 16th ward has to be a pretty good place. My area right now is just below the area where i was once serving, so its the neighboring area. It is super cool, all of the same type of crazy stuff, lots of one way streets and hood life. super familiar, and awesome. My comps name is elder C, not gonna like, he is a super good guy. I really like being with him, we just get along really good, and we are both focused on workinghard cause there is so much potential here. Its gonna be a great transfer together.

Yesterday at church was awesome cause i got to see lots of the members from the last time i was here. Including Hermana C!!! yes i am back with my 3rd grandma, and it is awesome. She says she wants to make me a blanket, that just seems like such a grandma thing to do, she is the best. But i also got to see lots of other people as well, which was really cool. This last week we tauaght a ton of lessons, but had a hard time getting the members to ocme out with us and help us teach. We are gonna focus more this week on getting members out with us every day, cause we are teaching a lot every day here. There is a lot of potential with this area, me and elder carman and just gonna see it explode here.

Funny thing that happened this last week. We talked to this big scary looking black guy at 8:30 at night. He asked a couple crzy questions, just wasnt interested in anything we had to say, so we offered to just give him a mormon.org card to take with him. WE give it to him, he looks at it and starts walking away. As he is walking away, he looks back at us and yells "so its Mormon.org right?" we say yes, he then looks at the  card again, and then opens a big blue US postal service mail box that is next to him, and throws the card in and yells back " No worries brudas, ill remember it."     Back in the hood.

This is at the top of our morning run

Pretty sweet mural!

We are a happy Family

Elder America
We also had some really spiritual expereinces this last week as we taight. We really set expectations with a lot of people and found out who really wants to act and who just wants our company. As we found those that really want to act, we invited them to make big changes in there lifes, and the spirit was just confirming everything we said to people. I believe we have a lot of potential for this upcoming transfer, miracles are happening here among the people. Love you family, take care.

Beck out,
Elder Beck

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