Wednesday, December 3, 2014

He is the gift

Beck Family!

This week has been straight crazy. So busy. So crazy. Full of miracles. Let me break it down.

To start, we have been teaching la familia q for a while. They have been coming to church, and were introduced to church by a friend taking them to the LA temple visitors center(great first impression). We have been teaching them consistently, and this week, the 2 young boys got baptized. They father/boyfriend is actually the member that introcuded the family to the gospel. The 2 youngest kids are below 8, and the mom is going to be baptized on the 14th of december. They are so cool. The mom, L owns a zumba studio and is a zumba instructor. So we often teach her at her zumba studio in downtown Compton. Zumba is a very foreign culture to me, its crazy. The women that attend these zumba classes worship those zumba instructors like goddeses its crazy. But they had 2 thanksgiving dinners at the zumba studio before thanksgiving that we went to, so we got to meet a lot of people there while we taught L and her family. This family is just awesome. The kids are super funny. We got J 13, nl 9, d 7, j 6. So cute, and these kids say the funniest things. This was a conversaition that d had with his mom.

'i say the toothfairy when i lost my tooth.'

'what did he look like?'

'it was a girl.'

'What color was her skin?'

'She was mexican.'

'Was she short or tall?'


"was she skinny or fat?'


Lupe then looks at him with that mothers glare.

'Uhh... i mean skinny, she was skinny."

So funny. great family. Anyways, they passed their bapsitmal interviews, and they kids got baptized yesterday, and that was awesome. It turned out to be a great baptism. Elders S and C baptized them and Me and another elder are going to confirm them next sunday. And the mom is gonna be baptized in 2 weeks, keep praying for her!

Also, i dont know if you heard anthing about the protest/riots that have been going on, but they have been going on in compton. something about a police officer killing a young black kid. Anways, when we were teaching the quintero family on tuesday night i think, we got a call from the APs saying that we and every other missionary had to evacuation Compton immmediatley cause things were getting out of hand with the protest. So we all left and worked in paramount for the rest of the night. Compton is crazy.

Also, i have more crazy news. So i am entering my last transfer of my misison, meaning my finaly 6 weeks. And i have been called to be a trainer of a brand new missionary. Normally the training program is 12 weeks long for a new misisonary, but the APs called me on thursday night and told me that i would be training and that i would need to finisht the training program with him before i go home. So it is gonna be crazy. I am so excited though, we are going to work so hard, and i am just gonna kill him and love him. Its gonna be a blast, i am so excited to end my mission like this. I have never heard of another elder training in their last 6 weeks, so its pretty unique, but its gonna be great. I pick him up on tuesday, and then we get right to work.

Thanksgiving was great, we had 6 dinners, 3 of those with investigator familiys. I didnts want to eat after the first 2. But i pushed through, and made everybody happy. I felt terrible, but happy at the same time. Great holiday, and now its time for the chrismas music.

Anyways, love all of you, take care, have a great week, and look up HE IS THE GIFT and share the video.

Beck out,
sweet hawk

looking cool on Thanksgiving

pitbulls run this town

baptism is the way back
Elder Beck

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