Friday, December 12, 2014

Overall crazy...making that greenie tired!

Beck Family!

So this week has been crazy good, and just overall crazy.

So first off, its been raining. Say whaaat?! It doesnt rain in california, like hardly ever. But this week is has poured, for days, and it finally stopped on Friday. But that was super weird, the last time i saw the rain was in February. Its literally only rained like 3 times, including this week, in my whole mission. But this week it rained a lot, and that was a great way to introduce my greenie to the mission.

My greenies name is elder L. He is from  Utah, he is half samoan, and fresh out of highschool and 18 years old. He went to the mexico mtc, so he has way better spanish than i did when i got to the field, so ive been using him since day one.

Cool story. Get ready for this. On tuesday, the day that elder L got here, we began teaching. The very first house we went to was G house. She was home and let us in. We then taught her and her son angel, and it became a very spirutal lesson. We ended up teaching about the plan of salvation and espescially how they can know it is true. After about 30 minutes of talking, i looked over to my greenie and said 'invite them to be baptized.' He looked at me with the 'you sure bout that' look, but then looked back at them and invited them to be baptized. They both nearly in unison said said without hesitation. They accepted baptismal dates for the 28th of this month. It was incredible. When we left there i told me greenie "when we have faith and we show it, it equals miracles like that." It was the very first house and person he visited in his mission, and they set a really firm baptismal goal. How cool is that? Just in case you were wondering, that is not how my first day went, i do remember where i ate, i remember that i ate something incredibly spicy at the salsedo home, and i remember just feeling so tired. I asked him how he felt the next day when he woke up. He said 'good but im pretty sure we were only asleep for 2 hours, cause im still exhuasted'. That means we are doing something right if he feels exhausted for these whole 6 weeks. We did lots of walking in the rain, talking to everybody, so that was pretty fun to.

Also, yesterday at church i got to confirm J Q. He is the 13 year old kid that we baptized last week. I got to confirm him yesterday, and it was a great experience. It was so cool, to recognize the spirit just say what was specific for him. and the coolest thing that i think happened was in the confirmation i felt the distinct impression to tell him to prepare to serve a mission, because there would be more people like him prepared to recieve the gospel from his testimony. It was super cool, and i know that if he does what he needs to,he will grow up to be a missionay and change other peoples lives.

puddle jumping in the rain!

We got it all in one trip!

yea, we have never seen this sign before!
Thanks for everything family, love all of you, have a great Christmas! Try and share the spirit of christmas with as many people as possible. We can do so much good in the world, it just takes a little effort from us to make a big difference!

Beck out,
Elder Beck

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