Wednesday, December 17, 2014

LA temple, bad puking moments, investigators dropped, then the week turned around :)

Beck Family!

So this morning was temple morning, so i am running on 4 hours of sleep and doing great. Man the 530 session is so good, best session of the whole day. The LA temple is so great, for real, gonna be one of my favorite temples. Its a in yo face type of temple. Cause its just in the middle of Babylon, and the church decided to build like the biggest prettiest building possible. Thats just like 'what up LA, do something bout it.' The church dont play, and i think the LA temple is proof of that.

But it was awesome, and so was most of our weeek. Well our week acutally started terrible. Like we had 3 days of life just blowing up in our faces. All the lessons fell apart, our very best investigators dropped us out of nowhere, which was a huge shock and just terrible, and we had to drop a lot of our other invetstigators, brining us down to 3. We reduced our teaching pool by 4 times in a matter of days. Also i got sick, and was throwing up all tuesday night. But i didnt take any proselyting off, or really any time at all, i just got up the next day and worked through feeling super sick. I havent taken a single sick day or hour on my whole mission, and i sure aint gonna start now. So that made it look like this week would be less than memorable. But then things changed around. We started finding, we found new investigators, and we had an old former come out of the wood work to be a great investigator now. We have people progressing, and we are having lots of success with our less active familys as well. We had lots of less actives come to church and the christmas choir activity this last week, so we are seeing good things happened. We ended up teaching a lot in the last couple of days, it serisousl all happened right at the end.

Also, really cool moment. We took a member out with us to go to a lesson. When we were done we asked themember if there was anything we could do for them. One of the members said she would like  a blessing of comfort and counsel. We went to their home, and she asked me to give her the blessing. I said a little prayer, and then started. 2 amazing things happened. 1. my spanish became flawless, absolutely perfect for the next couple of minutes, as i was able to fluidly and fluently express even the most complex thoughts i had. But the 2nd thing was even more amazing. I was speaking, then took a short break and paused, and i had such a clear and suprisingly distinct spiritual impression. In almost audible words i head 'she is struggling with self worth.' I then started the blessing again, and i realized that the spirit in the room changed as the blessing started adressing her needs that were whispered to me. I felt her begin to cry, and i knew that God put that idea into my head, because He knew one of his daughters was hurting, and she needed help. It was an incredible experience, and i also realized that much of the things that i said were also meant for me and i should apply them to myself as well. It was a really cool moment of spirutal revelation.
Also, this last week we had elder Baxter of the first quorum on the 70 come visit us. We had a zone conference with him yesterday. IT was good, i liked it, andi feel blessed that this is the 3rd GA to visit our mission during my time here. But in all honesty, my favorite part of the conference was when our mission president got up and talked, he just conveys the spirit in such a strong way. It was another thing that made this last week so good.

Also, we had a christmas conference, and i watched the christmas devotional, which was great, liked that. Prophets just get it.

this is what happens when missionaries get busy

sunset over Long Beach

don't even know if you are supposed to eat this

Best Sunday ever!!! UNCLE AARON dropped by!

making some Salvadorian food

LA temple visitor center

visitor center
Anyways, great week. I know that as i focus on feeling the spirit, that i feel sucessful about my mission. Way to much of the time i feel self critical and self defeating about everything, i hold myself to a nearly impossible standard. And that gets me down lots of times, like really down. But i know when i focus on feeling the spirit, i can connect the feeling of the spirit to a feeling that God is happy with me, and even though im not perfect, if im still trying as hard as I can, then he is happy with my progress. Its just true, i know it is. Love yall, take care.

Beck out,
Elder Beck

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