Sunday, December 28, 2014

Ok, you do it greenie

Beck Family!

Hey, so whats up everybody? This aint gonna be that long, cause you know, ill be talking to yall in like 5 seconds on christmas. But still, last week was super good. We have just been biking all over and tearing it up. We had members out teaching with us every day last week, which was super good, and it helped out our investigators a lot. Me greenie elder L is holding up good to the work. I make him do lots of stuff. People are walking down the street, i just whisper 'you contact him.' Middle of a lesson i whishper 'you teach this and ask her questions about it.' Nightly planning 'ok, you plan for the 7 oclock hour'. I am making him do  lots of stuff, and its making him learn quick, cant baby em. But life is going really good. I am finding it really good for me and really rewarding to just keep working hard. I tried last week to re-study how to contact people. You might think that after all this time i would have contacting down, but the truth is it is something we can always get better at, and so i studied it to learn how i could do it better even now. And the more i make those efforts to continuously improve, the more rewarding every day of this experience is. And so that is what i just keep trying to do, to work, to learn, and to never let off the gas. I have noticed in this last week how i can truly feel like a successful missionary every day. I feel that as i continually give it my all, and work as hard as when i was a zone leader, as hard as i did a year ago, as hard as when i was with elder stone. As i keep trying, and dont let myself get content with where i am, i constantly feel like i am doing what God needs of me. We have a great night ahead of us today of teaching, and great things set up later in the week. Im excited to missionary work, i honestly love being a missionary. Cant wait to talk to yall in a couple days, see ya soon, love yall.


Beck out,

Elder Beck

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