Saturday, February 23, 2013

Half way at the MTC

Beck family!
So, i am halfway through my time in the mtc, and the time is just flying. We haven't had an apostle or the prophet yet come to a devotional, but i am still holding out hope. I am teaching 2 investigators every day now, and am studying my butt off in the Spanish, but its still really hard. Learning another language in just a few weeks is suddenly a much harder task than i had previously anticipated. The one really interesting looking elder is one of the funniest cats I have ever met. He is the one with the dark hair and the goofy face. His name is elder White, and hes from Tennessee, and he has the greatest, thickest, southern accent i have ever hear. When he says his own name every time it sounds like elder Wyatt. Now i know you are all going to try and figure out how White turns into Wyatt, but just say it in the most southern accent ya'll have, and you will figure it out. I have continued my crushing reign at volleyball here, and there are very few now who dare challenge me. that is, until i start playing with all of the college volleyball players, then it becomes a little more exciting. I have also started a little work out routine at night with some of the more athletic missionaries around me in my hallway. I am trying to reverse the effects of the endless buffet and chocolate milk, because the food here has done me no favors. Everything is going great in here, lost of spiritual experiences every day, being exhausted all the time from constant class, and my brain just hurts from all the learning. literally, i get headaches from spanish, but that is my life now. Well i hope to keep hearing from yall, and hope you get the pictures. See ya'll later

Elder Beck

Beck Family!
So I have a few moments since i finished my branch presidents letter, so I will send you all a quick one right now. Just got back from the temple, super cool as always. I have come to learn that P day, really is not what you think it is. It just means that there is alloted time to do laundry and go to the temple, and that is it. I still have to go to class today for 5 hours, orientate the new district that is coming into our zone today, and teach an investigator. p day is a myth, it is really just laundry day. Also, today i was told for the first time in my life that i look like Ben Aflek. Please respond and tell me if that is a good thing or a bad thing, because i can not picture him, or any celebrity from before my mission, in my mind at all. Today someone tried to talk to me about who the best offensive player in the nfl is. And i could barely keep the conversation going, i am loosing my sports smarts by the day in here. and all of the valuable precious information is being replaced with spanish verb congugations. I am also at the point where throughout the day i will realize that I can not speak english or spanish, i am degrading in all languages. But for real it has been great here. Also, I have a mtc card that gets me into all of the buildins and stuff, and i also get 6 bucks put on it every week for me to buy stuff. So dad, when you were talking about guys always buying pringles, well that still does happen. We buy pringles and hot pockets and chex mix outta those veding machines like you wouldnt believe. Well, once again, it is time for me to go. I hope all is going well back in the outside world. Keep me posted.
Elder Beck

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