Tuesday, August 27, 2013

My comp. is going home

Beck Family!

Holy cow it has been a crazy week. We have basically been getting all ready to send my comp. home. Yep hes been out for a whole 2 years, and now its time to send him home. His Dad and Brother came out to take him home. We were taking them around with us saturday to lessons it was really cool. We also went to church with them yesterday, and last night we had the departure fireside for the departing missionaries. Pretty crazy stuff.  The good news here is i get to stay in Compton for atleast another 6 weeks. Wahoo. My new companion will be elder xxx, i dont know him, but ill meet him tomorrow. Hopefully he doesnt have a nervous break down out here. I got to go to the LA temple last tuesday, it was incredible. That temple is enourmous, freakin huge, and just awesome.
Yesterday at church we set a new personal best for investigators at church. We had 12 investigators come to church, and 28 people over all, including less actives, investigators, and former investigators. That was quite a turn out, and it was awesome to fill up a few rows with just people that we had gotten there. 
Now that's some artwork!
Me at the temple

This is my desk
These are some pictures of me at the temple and the LA visitors center. We managed to walk the entire visitors center without having to talk to a single sister missionary. Success. Well have a great week family, I love ya'll.


Beck out,

Elder Beck



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