Tuesday, January 7, 2014

I'm sleeping on the floor!

Beck Family!

So this last week has been crazy, and did not go at all as expected. So right after i got done emailing ya'll last week, we got a call from the AP's that my new companion is not yet in the mission. That is all that they know about him. They do not know where he is coming from, if he is coming straight from the 'MTC and i am training him, they only know that is is supposed to get here on the 8th of january. So for this last week i have been thrown into an improv trio with my old companion elder R, and elder A. remember, elder Rs had basically just moved areas, but had stayed inside the district. So i packed up enough stuff to last me a week, and i have been living at there apartment since then, and we have been working both areas. I have literally been sleeping on the ground, casue that apartment only had 2 beds. Like no joke, on the floor with my blanket, that has been my life for the last week. I feel right at home. But its all good. Hopefully i will get my new companion this week, we havent heard anything since that first day, so hopefully he is still on track to come. That turtle that you all got also looks pretty cool, i hope he is still there when i get home, i wanna see him eat a fish. Thanks for everything family, hopefully you all have news resolutions that in some way involve missionary work. Cause there is no better time to start than right NOW. Love ya'll, and have a good one.


Beck out,

The missionaries out caroling on Christmas

Family Skype!

Dallin's Christmas haul!

And their stockings were hung by the door...with care

What's not to love about this fine message?
Elder Beck

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