Tuesday, January 28, 2014

I'm a biking fool

Beck Family!

So this last week has been pretty good. We have been doing lots of biking, like a ton of biking. Like so much biking that i feel like i  belong to the class of serious bikers. For real, when you are putting hours a day on the seat, i feel like you get to claim that title. So that has been crazy. It is still a perfect 80 degrees here in california, nothing better than watching the sun set on these perfect pollutin skies. For real, pollution makes for great sunsets, but unlike utah you can actually enjoy them here because it is warm.

Now i have some suggestions for my younger siblings. there are a couple of things that i wished i did before the mission that would have better prepared me. One of those things is i wish i would have gone to youth conference. Now for ya'll its not to late. I think it would be awesome if you guys signed up for those. I never did it cause i liked football more, and i thought they were just for  those perfect molly mormons. But looking back i can see that i would have befefited a lot from going to those. So i suggest, not quite exhort, but suggest that you do those. Also, Sierra, if you could do this favor for me i would appreciate it. Basically if brother Fitch still works at herriman seminary, if you would thank him for me, that would be awesome. Ive just been thinking of the things that helped get me on a mission, and his seminary class was one of them. So if you could let him know that i give him a bit of credit for getting me out here i would like that. You can tell him that im a total thug too.

Well family, not to much interesting happened this last week, just lots of good missionary work. I have really grown into the district leader thing, and i really do like being able to go on 24 hour exchanges with the other elders, its feels good to get to know everybody. But i still like my companion, we have a great time and are always laughing and talking.

Missions are fun, they are supposed to be that way, and i am so grateful for it. Have a good week family!


Beck out,

Elder Beck

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