Tuesday, January 14, 2014

My blog is famous!

Beck Family!

So this last week has been pretty great. I got my new companion this last wednesday. His name is Elder H, and he is funny. He actually came from the Colorado springs mission, so he has already been out for 1 year, so we get along super good, we are right at the same place. One other thing, he was just reading his email from his mom, and she was telling him that she was looking online for information about the california long beach mission, and she came across this missionary blog that talked about this missionary who just got put in a trio and is sleepingo n the ground. Mom, your blog is famous. Whatever you have done, other people really are reading it and talking about it. Email applause. Nice work. but since he has gotten here we had our car taken away so we have been biking all over the place. When there is no option for a car, and you MUST bike everywhere, we are easily putting on20 miles a day, that is a low ball. So that is sweet, my legs are getting jacked, like im not going to fit in these pants. I think im kidding, but we will see, crazy things are happen with this much biking. We picked up a couple new investigators this last week and actually had something pretty cool happen this last week. We got a random call on Friday from a woman who wanted us to come over and give her grandma a blessing. She was just visiting here from arizona and is the only member in her family, so she somehow tracked down our number to get us to come over to because her grandma only speaks spanish. So we went over and gave the blessing, and it was really  cool cause we got to mee the whole family. We then went back over yesterday to see how they were all doing, and they welcomed us right back in and talked to us for about 1/2 a hour. We are going back there tomorrow because they want us to start teaching them, espescially about the plan of salvation. It is going to be awesome, and we are super excited for the family, good things are going to happen. 
Here is where I was on the floor...looks comfy?

New comp!  good times a head
Thanks for everything family, i love you all!


Beck out,

Elder Beck

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