Sunday, January 5, 2014

the End of 2013..thanks family

Beck Family!
What a great week it has been. Christmas was one of the best days of my whole life. It was so great to see all of you and to actually skype with you. Like i said we were told about that tuesday morning, so it was a hectic day to get that all set up. Also dad, very good job with your spanish, hermano cruces was impressed that you still got it. I told him that you speak spanish, and then i was really hoping that you still had it in you, and you came through for me, well done. Christmas was aweseom, we opened our gifts at 9'30 at night. Because there wasnt any time earlier in the day to do it. We were oout in dinners and with members and investigators the whole day. Wasnt hardly a day off at all. But today i am in the oldest slwoest family history center ever, so i can not send pictures of all of my cool christmas stuff. Sorry, hopefully next week. I ahve now completed 1 transfer in Whittier and i am going to be staying here for atleast 1 more. But crazy thing, my companion is going to get moved to another area in Whittier, and i am going to get a new companion named elder Halford. I have no idea who he is, but its kind of sad to leave a companion after just 1 transfer. But that is how it works, lots of crazy things our of our control. I loved all of the things you sent me for christmas, i loved all of the thoughtful gifts. Love you family, have a good week.


Beck out,Elder Beck                                                                          

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