Thursday, September 4, 2014

It only took me 19 months...

Beck Family!

So its labor day, i think. or atleast some holiday that closes the libraries and packs all of us missionaries into this ancient family history center to email. point being, i got like 5 minutes here. didnt even read all of your emails, that sucks. i will catch up next week. 

This last week was nuts. So many things going down in our zone, like not great things that me and elder L have had to work with. We have been running around trying to help out these other elders, its been crazy, sometimes i just wonder why cant everybody just be on their missions for the right reason. then they wouldnt act this way. But that is why i am here, i need to learn from them as we try to help them.

This last week we did some crazy service, i was sore for 2 days. Our whole zone of 14 people got together at this investigators house that the sisters are teaching, adn we cleaned up his back yard for him. IT took 3 1/2 hours, and it was crazy dirty. My job, cause i always take the hard jobs, was to pack all of the branches and leaves into this hauling truck. We had to pack it down so tight cause there was so much crap to clean up. I ended up breathing in a ton of leaves and dirt and junk. It sent me into the first asthma emergency of my mission, and in the last 2 years. But we got it done and it was a tone of fun to do some good hard work. But then i rushed home, found that inhaler that my mom made me take, took 2 puffs, then finally could breath again. I could feel my left lung just being stabbed by the huge amount of stuff i had breathed in. sucked, i couldnt run for 2 days after that. But now i'm good, and i can breath just fine. And im not gonna take that inhaler any more. cause that is what is refered to as "cheater puffs."

And i aint no cheater. Yesterday i talked in sacrament meeting. I talked about our purpose as missionaries and members to help others come unto Jesus Christ. B was at church as she cried during nearly my whole talk. It was really spiritual, to again just see the spirit that we bring as missionaries touch other people. I did prepare for my talk with studying for it, but i didnt write anything down. I just got up there with my Preach My Gospel and started saying all of the things i had studied for, in spanish. It was good, cuase i guess i really do feel comfortable with spanish now, enough atleast to give a talk without notes. Man, that only took like 19 months, oh my goodness. But its all good, life is still great, and being a missionary is still the best thing i have every done. Love you family!


Beck out,

Elder Beck

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