Thursday, September 25, 2014

I'm in a TRIO again, 6th time for my mission(July 28th)

Beck Family!

S last week of the transfers this last week. Pretty good. Crazy thing happened. My companion got called to be the new AP! Elder N who has only 8 months in the mission is going to be the new ap, which basically means he is going to be my boss. he had only been a zl for 1 transfer with me, and now he is off. Crazy. He is the most charitable person i had ever met, for real, this guy jjust radiates kindess and love. Crazy, probably going to be an apostle. But because of that we had to go to the office 5 seperate times this week for various ap related things. Crazy busy. But we got it all done.
We have also been teaching a father and son named D and J. I used to teach them my first transfer here, but we then dropped them, but just recently picked them back up because a member told us to go by them. We did, and found that they have been super prepared for the gospel, its been awesome. They have baptismal dates for the 17th, and they are really strong. They have come to church 3 weeks in a row, and are doing great.

We had a ward missionary activity on saturday at a park. We played soccer and had a carne asada bbq. It was a great activity and a lot of people came and had a good time. D also came with his family, and they got to play with the ward and meet everybody and they just fit in perfectly. Afterwards, the member that told us to go by them offered to take them to the temple right then and there. They said yes, so immediatley after the ward activity they went to the LA temple and to the visitors center there and did all of the fun stuff. They watched that movie that makes everybody cry about eteranl families, and had another really spiritual experience. He is already talking to us about how excited he is for his baptism. The work is just going so good here.

I am staying in Pico for another transfer, i am getting a new companion named elder L, and another companion named elder G. yep, trio time again for elder beck. incase you are counting this is the 6th trio of my mission. I'm gonna be training elder L as a zone leader like i did elder N, and elder G is not a zl, so it is going t obe interesting. God does everything with a reason. gonna be super fun. Anyways, i love you family so much, take care, keep sending the pics, and still have fun!

Beck out,
Elder Beck

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