Thursday, September 25, 2014

Pretty normal week... NOT(Aug 22)

Beck Family!

This last week, pretty average...


Since when has any week of my mission been average? Since when have i started an email with average? Never! and this week kept up the crazy.

Me and elder L had a crazy lesson like 2 days ago with this guy. He is a pentecostal christain. What that means is that he is the type that jumps up and puts his hands in the hair at church and yells hallelujah. Now i have taught lots of pentecostals before in my mission, and i have had some of my funniest moments trying to teach them in a spiritual way when all they want to do is "Praize da Low'rd"

So we are teaching him
 the restoration. We are going along, when suddenly he says, 'you know how i got my testimony?' He then proceeds to tell a 20 minute story that i kid you not what absolutley without reservation completely crazy. He started with how he crossed into the states, about how his coyote left him to do, about how he drank his own urine, about how he got tear gassed, and eventually in the states how he decided to return to mexico to get his family, and repeat the whole process again, then cast a demon out his grandaughters boyfriend, and finally learned how to make authentic fish tacos. Now try to imagine this magnitude of a story with the frequent jumping out of the chair and shouting hallelujah at the top of his lungs. It was frightening the first time he did that, it was then flippin hilarious every time after. Man, the people i get to meet, foreal, sometimes i wonder how i have met so many crazy people. Everybody seems to just be all the way crazy here. Not half way crazy, but full blown crazy.

But in the spirutal   sense we also had a great week. On Friday we found and began teaching a family that just got here from el Salvador 2 months ago. People that have just got here from central america are gold, because they have been unpolluted by the many religions here and they are just accepting of everything and genuinly nice people. By inspiration we began teaching them about the eternal nature of the family within the first 5 minutes that we met them. Out of nowhere the lady said that her father had just passed away and that she had so many question about it, but she felt that God had helped her through it all. Man, the gospel is true, and inspiration is real, and if we listen to the spirit and act immediatley on its promptings, it will always guide us to how we can help and uplift those around us. Have a great week family, love ya'll.

Beck out,

Elder Beck

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