Monday, September 15, 2014

My comp. reminds me of Hyrum!

Beck Family!

Howdy family, how is everything going? Life is good here, still got craziness as part of the daily piece but dats all good.

So this last week, we have been so crazy busy as ZL's helping our missionaries. LIke i have have never been busier trying to keep on top of all the stuff that was happening. Just lots of people with problems, lots of people not feeling happy, it was and has been exchausting. But still really rewarding.

Transfers are now known, i am going to be staying in Pico Rivera for another transfer! that means this is going to be my 5th transfer here in this area and ward. I am super excited, this is my favorite ward i have served in and i love the area.  That is going to bring my total time in this area to 7 1/2 months by the time i am done. Super happy. I am also staying here with elder L. Let me say it right now that this last week i have figure out who elder lestarpe reminds me of. He reminds me of Hyrum. I shall explain. At one piong i remember we got a txt that had some bad news, and it was like the 5th bad news txt we had gotten in a row. Out of nowhere he let out a teradaktle(flying dinosaur)  scream that so instantly gave me de ja vu of hyrum. it was hilarious, then i just started picking up on tons of other things he does that reminds me of hyrum. He has the same type of humor, its super funny. i think thats why we get along.

Our area is still doing good, still teaching a lot, still really happy. I have noticed that recently a large part of my time has been dedicated to helping other missionaries. i think that has been the single biggest blessing of being in leadership, has  been the opportunity to help and uplift struggling missionaries. Its something i just wouldnt have learned anywhere else. really cool, i still love being a missionary.

Thanks family for everything, and agian happy b-day to samo. luv ya littlest of brothers. take care!

Beck out,
Elder Beck

Eating some yummy Japanese candy!

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