Thursday, September 25, 2014

Ride on family, Ride on!(Sept 25)

Beck Family!

First things first, i went to the temple this mrning, that means that i woke up at 3am to get to the 5:30 session. so im pretty tired, so forgive me for parts of this email that just dont make sense, that is just me going in and out of consciousness.

Our last week was pretty darn good. We actually just had a pretty cool lesson last night with some member referals. first off, member referrals are the prefered and best way to do missionary work, its the way it is supposed to be done. So we were teaching this member referals, a father and son, and we end up having on the craziest lessons, as in people just walking in and out and trying to yell/talk over each other as everybody tries to put their 2 cents in about everything. We had so little control over everthing, the conversation was all over the map. But, somehow, it got quiet and everybody focused when we shared the first vision with this man named Gabriel. We then invited him and his 10 year old son to be baptized on the 12tth and they accepted. Somehow, the spirit penetrated that crazy room of just opinions and near fighting of words and touched this guys heart and confirmed to him that he needs to be baptized.
Also, we had our big ward party this last saturday. You might remmber that i experienced a similar party last year in the LB16th ward. it was the party of fiestrias patiras, which goes along with mexican independence day. The party goes like this, everybody in the ward makes some authentic food from their respective country and brings it for everyone to try. And their is also live cultural dancing and singing going on the whole night. and add to that that hispanics are some of the most social people on the planet, and it is just a straight up party that never could happen in a white ward. so much fun. literally the best. i took lots of videos of the dancing, it was pretty cool, there were 6 different groups that danced including an aztec dance that was legit. The only music was this big buy with a big drum, and he just went crazy, and so did the dancers, super legit, super fun night. And G came to the party and got to meet just bout everybody in the ward, which was awesome. And we talked to everybody there, cause a lot of nonmembers came, and we got lots of addresses and phone numbers of people to go visit now. so it was super successful and fun. loved it. loved spanish ward, honestly more disfunctional but more fun that white wards.

thats the jist of the week, life is still good, take care Beck family!

Beck out,
Elder Beck

p.s. someone made the comment this last week that i say 'ride on' a lot. i didnt realize it, but then it hit me that it came from motorcycles, then it made so much sense. ride on beck family, ride on.

This little dude tried to hijack our car

Yes, this is what I mean by PARTY

Celebrat-ion-time--Come on!

Dallin is trying to teach the art of not looking at the camera to his comp.  Well, it is an art.

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