Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Ants or roaches?

Beck Family!

So pretty good week out here in Compton. We have been teaching this awesome guy and his son. his son is about 30 years old, but has the mentalitly of an 8 year old, and he is super funny. He reminds me a lot of garrett, he just says the darndest things. I actually get to go to the LA temple tomorrow, so i am super excited for that. Ive heard their is a new treat instore, cant wait. Hma XXX in my ward has to be the funniest best grandma a missionary could have. She called up my companion's ex girlfriend, the one that dear johned him one year into his mission, and she gave her a piece of her mind. She just tore into her, let her know how dear johnning my comp.  was the worst thing she had ever done and that she will never find another guy like him. It was awesome. And it felt like we took a stand for every Elder that has every gotten a dear john that night. Cause that night, we had Hma xxx fight back, and she takes no prisoners. So mom, if you hear that a missionary has gotten a dear john, you ask for her number, then you call her, and you destroy her. And if they didnt get dear johned, maybe you should just call their family back home and let them know that how great their missionary is.. The work has been progressing, hopefully we can have a baptism or 2 . My mission presidnet is a boss. Pres. xxx  is one of those spiritual giants that you can all just feel when he walks into a room. He is awesome, i love the guy.

We had zone conferrence and he just blew us all away, really powerful guy.

My apartment has changed from being infested with roaches to being infested with ants. Honestly, we realized just this morning how much of our food has been broken into and ruined by thousands of ants. We will buy Raid, and their will be a war, and it will be us or them that dies by tomorrow. My taste buds are now even climatizing to habeneros. There are still really spicy, but they dont cause near the level of pain that they used to, and i can more comfortably eat them. . Have a great week family, and pray for missionary experiences. Then act on your prayers and look for missionary experiences. Have a good one.


Beck out,

Elder Beck

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