Monday, August 5, 2013

Look what we found

Beck Family!

So it was an awesome week, I am still in Compton, and it is crazy here.

Some one got murdered just infront of our apartment last week, about 5 minutes before we got home. Also, i have collected a few souvenires from my time here in Comtpon, that i figure i would ojnly really find in Comtpon.

In the streets  I have found a loaded 45 bullet, and just the other day I found a fire 45 slug. That stuff is just all over, and i thought i would grab one of each just as proof that i was here and i survived.

 And the other pic is of the Menu at Roscoes chicken and waffles. This place is world famous, and i know why. I never thought that eating a chicken breast with a waffle would be so delicous, but it was honetlsy one of the best things that has passed my system. It was crazy good. That is what black soul food is all about.
 The teaching is going good out here, we have lots of investigators and lots more baptismal dates set, now just gotta make them follow through. The XXX are our go to members, they do so much for us. And they are helping us baptize a lot of their neighbors, they are the best. Thanks for the update family, sounds like you all had fun at trek, even sierra, and lava looked like a blast. Love ya'll and have a good week.


Beck out,

Elder Beck

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