Monday, August 12, 2013

Them peppers are hot!

Beck Family!
 I had a pretty excellent week as always, im still alive here in Compton. I have had to go on exchanges with lots of greenies lately, and it was weird for me to think, that i am no longer a greenie, that i am actually one who to them seems like ive been here forever and knows everything. I still feel like i just got here. Crazy huh. I really do wish time would slow down a little bit, my mission is flying by way to fast. But its all good. I am now the toughest gringo here. Why? Because i have never turned down a chile, i have eaten every hot thing that anyone has given me, and i have kept it down. You gotta understand, people here like to pick on the gringos. They like to try to make us cry and admit we arent as tough as them for eating these hot things. So it just does me so much good when i pop in a fresh habenero and eat it like its candy, and see all of their jaws just drop to the floor. I have been put through the fire, in some instances literrally, with eating the hottest chilis these people have. I am now at the level that i eat whole fresh or dried habenero peppers without breaking a sweat. Granted everything taste like ash for the next  48 hours, and my insides get crazy messed up, but gosh darn it i can eat them. I have eaten a few things hotter than habeneros, and habeneros are freaking spicy, no lie. Just this last week an investigator of ours bout 3 times a habenero, and those almost melted my teeth, but i kept it together. I have never cried at eating one yet, and i dont plan on it. My next level of pepper is literally the ghost pepper. i have eaten everything up to that, so that will be my next challenge. that is the hottest organic pepper im pretty sure in the world, and at a grocery story you have to sign a waiver before they will sell you one. Thats what i am working my way up to. I think I can do it.
 This last week an investigator of ours took us out to wing stop, and we ordered their atomic wings, and ate them right there in front of the cooks, without water, and without problem, and just left them amazed. They told me those were supposed to be spicy, but i could hardly tell they had put something on them. childs play. the picture with people with cake all over their faces, is just how mexican partys usually end up. That is our gigantic investigator family, and we went over to their b-day party they were having. And for some reason, at every mexican party, the persons face has to be shoved in the cake. They know its going to happen, everyone expects it, it is just part of the party that their faces is pile drived through the frosting, apparently thats fun. And it happens at every party I have ever been to.  . but anyways, that was pretty much my week, best times as usual. And also, i did just find out that my area of compton is the stronghold for the Cryps, so that is cool, right? That explains all of those blood stained blue bandanas i have seen around the city in the ally ways and stuff. Light Bulb. Have a great week family, love ya'll
Beck out,
Elder Beck

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