Monday, August 5, 2013

Pretty normal week

Beck Family!

So it was a pretty normal week, we are teaching lots of good people. One of the people we are teaching used to be a professional soccer player in Mexico for Cruz Azul, but he is now living here in Compton in a trailer cause he had kidney failure, and in mexico he said they pretty much discard you if that comes up. He is just a super cool guy, and we love going over to see him.
 Life is still the best in Compton, there are just so many crazy people here, there is never a dull moment. We are also teaching a couple big familys, one of the familys we think is about 15 people, but we arent really sure. Everytime we go over to that house more little kids seem to show up. So we dont really know how big the family is, just that 11 of them are baptismal age, so hopefully this works out good for us.
The work is just so good out here, Compton is where the danger is yes, but it also where the humblest people are. People that have juast had a whole life of problems, and see us as their answer and way out of it all. This is the best place to serve a mission in the world, i love it here.
 I might have gotten food poisoning yesterday, it smelled like something a member gave us had rotten mayo, but since we cant offend members, i had to eat it. Today i regret that. that potato salad will get you every time. Still life is good.

Have a great week everybody, love ya'll


Beck out,

Elder Beck

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