Saturday, August 17, 2013

One Crazy week

Beck Family!
Yup, this is the wreck
Oh my goodness it has been a crazy week, and i got some pretty good pictures for yall. This week was interesting to say the least. It has probably been the most dangerous week in the City since I have been here. There we lots of shootings and gang wars, more than usual. I'm not sure what for, but it was a crazy week to be walking around. At one point a guy came up to us and just told us that we were going to want to leave that area for a little bit. We did, and as we were walking away we heard them and somebody else fireing back at each other. Then the helicopters come flying in, the police show up, there is more gun fire, then everything stops, order is restored, and life goes on. It was a crazy week.
On friday we saw the guy run into the fire hydrant. The fire hydrants are kind of weak sauce in Compton, they are real skinny, probably all the city can afford, so this guy just knocked it right out of the ground. Then his car was no doubt ruined by the water, and he was just standing next to his Lexus with his hands on his head, and was then arrested for drunk driving. It totally flooded the streets and train tracks. it was pretty cool.
We got this referal so we went to the trailer, and this old nutty looking skinny guy welcomed us in. Now i dont expect a lot from trailers in Compton, but this had to be the grossest place I have ever been in. It was completely swimming in cockaraoaches. Now i am going to tell the rest of this story without any exageration. You could not look at any square inch of his trailer and in 5 seconds not see a roach scurry by. I looked into his trash can in the kitchen, and the trash was littlerally swarmed and swimming in roaches

 That was pretty wild, not something that happens every day out her in Compton. That was the jist of my week. Thanks for all the support back home, and for your prayers, you are probably literally saving my life out here.

The last package i got from you was the tshirt about being a missionary, and that means that all of the girls have to keep back. that is an honest problem out here mom, all the girls are all over us handsome missionaries. With no exxageration, me and my companion are hit on by many  teenage girls every single day without fail. Im sure its the last time they will put me with a decent looking companion, we draw to much attention. I love you to mom, your the best in the whole world.
Beck out,
Elder Beck
So true

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  1. What an adventure! He' quite a guy! Hilarious shirt by-the-way! We'll keep him in our prayers.