Thursday, February 7, 2013

First week at the MTC--Elder Beck

Beck Family!

Just for the record, i can only check my email once a week, and i was quite suprised to see that i had like 12 letters from yall. Just for the record, if you use then i get a physical letter everytime you send me something, that way i have more time to read them all, and can hopefully give better responses.

It is absolutely crazy here. I am in class the entire day, literally, for

12 hours of the day. I really do need that 50 min gym time to work out some of my wiggles, espescially after being stuck in a class room for that long.

My companion is great, he is a football player, and a hard worker, and we get along great. Still havent figured out how to email pictures, i will work on that before next wednesday. Also, right after i sent that letter to you explaining that i was called to be a district leader, me and my companion were called as zone leaders. My branch president says it is the fist time he has called 2 brand new missionaries to be zone leaders in the

4 years he has been a branch president. So just when i learned what a DL was, i had to forget everything and start working on learning what a ZL is.

Also, tell samuel that there is also an endless ice cream bar next to the endless chocolate milk. like endless ice cream sandwiches, drumsticks, and crunch bars. It is literally heaven inside the lunch room.

I will write more, just send me the physical letters, so i can actually read them and respond, cause i only get 30 minutes on the computer a week, and that was just enough time to read everything you guys sent.

See you all soon,
Elder Beck

Here is Dallin and our college friend Scott Jacobs

I just met Dallin! His MTC classroom is in the same building where my office is located. He is looking good, and is learning a lot. I asked him how he likes the MTC and and particularly how he likes the food. He loves the MTC and loves the food! He is learning a lot and is enjoying it!
Let me know what your email address or your cell number is and I will send you a couple of pictures I took. What a fine young man you have raised. He is going to be a great missionary!
I told him I was Shawn's room mate when you both fell in love ... what a great time that was. I also told him that Shawn was my favorite roommate while I was at BYU-- he introduced me to Hard Rock-- He said "hey me too!"
Hope to talk to you later.

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  1. Wow! I'm honored to "make" the blog post! I saw Dallin at lunch yesterday. I said hello-- but he was serious about getting line for some grub and didn't have much time to chat! LOL! What a great kid!