Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Week dos

Here is Dallin's Week 2 in MTC letter! 
So, in case you don't know, i have now been in the mtc for 2 weeks. Its totally distorting my sense of time. i cant tell if i was born and raised here, or if i just got here. It is clinically crazy what this place does to your mind. but it is the good kind of crazy. As a ZL, i have to do quite a bit of extra stuff. I conduct every meeting i am in, even if there is a member of our branch presidency. I have to interview everyone in the zone, and resolve all of their conflicts, which are plenty. and i get to give tours and orientation to all of the new districts that come in. Yes, one week after i got here and received my tour and orientation, i got to do the same thing for the new incoming missionaries. I barely just learned what i was doing here, and then i had to explain it to someone brand new. no worries. I am also started to loose my love for the endless buffet here. I basically ate myself sick in the first week, and now i hate the cafeteria food. Also, i finally stepped on the scale for the first time yesterday, and was mildly horrified at what came up. I guess an endless buffet, bottomless chocolate milk, and 12 hours a day sitting in a class room have their consequences.

I am teaching 2 investigators every day, for 30 min each, in Spanish. I don't even know Spanish yet, but i still am trying to teach random people about the gospel in a language that i do not understand. Brilliant. the Spanish is just requiring a lot of work, and constantly speaking it all day long. The spirit is so strong here, it kind a just puts words in your mouth when you really need it. The devotionals are incredible, and our zone if freakin the best. My comp is so cool, we get a long great and are total leaders of our zone. this last week we had to say goodbye to a lot of the elders that were here before us. most of them had been here for 10 or 12 weeks, waiting on their visas to Mexico and Argentina. in just the last 3 days, all 12 of them got their visas, and so they are all out. they were all real cool guys, and were basically our mentors. so now without them, my district of 2 weeks old is now the oldest group of kids in our zone. and were are now the mentors to all of the newbies, even as we are just getting the hang of everything ourselves. Kinda crazy the operation they got going on in here. The moose jerky was quite delicious, and did me and my roommates some good. also, i got the picture of dads corner of guitars. I cant even believe how cool that looks. i wish i could play guitar every day here. lots of the time i will find myself just air guitaring or air drumming, i think it is a symptom of the with drawls. well my laundry is finally done, and there is a huge line of people waiting to email their families, so i guess i better share the computer. Love ya'll


Elder Beck


p.s. those chocolate chip cookies were much appreciated.

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  1. Yeah!! It is so good to read this. Prayers to keep learning Spanish, eating less :), and to continue to be directed by the Spirit. You go Elder!