Saturday, February 2, 2013

Getting set apart as a Missionary

January 29th  7 pm
Stake Center
President Ollis set him apart
So our evening went something like this...the kids came home from school and Hyrum and sierra had to decided some classes for registration.  Dallin convinced Sierra that taking concurrent classes are way credit now!  And Hyrum to take classes at the JATC his senior year!  On-Site construction class sounds just like Hyrum's style.  Dallin decided we would watch UP for his last movie night here.  That movie always makes me cry...and even more now!  We wrapped up the movie at 630 then got dressed to go over to the stake center.

Elder Dallin Shawn Beck
His picture will be on this wall soon.  Lots of missionaries from our Stake

Look at my handsome guys.  Two more missionaries in training.

Ahh, sweet bean and mom and Elder Beck

Dallin is an official missionary now.  Mission rules apply from here on out

Elder Beck

his is where the adventure begins,  we are parents of a missionary

So after the setting apart, we made milk shakes, butterfinger and oreo and played Yatzee and Outburst.  We love playing games together.  We looked up at the clock and realized that according to the little white bible, Dallin said it was time to get to bed, 10:30 mission rules!  OK  Wow! what a day!

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