Friday, February 1, 2013

Monday night FHE

Monday Jan 28, 2013
Last FHE together

So we did most of the packing on Monday and got the few more items he needed.  Like an alarm clock, mouthwash,  journal, and a watch.  Then I got to sew up his white pants that were way too long and do the final packing.  It all fit and even has room for the stuff he's going to be getting at the MTC.  3 suit cases doesn't seem like enough stuff for 2 years!

Later, our last FHE night all together went something like this... We had some awesome stakes for dinner via  Dallin request, and even the peas!  We only have steak on a very special occasions like this!  Next time we eat steak will be when he comes home... No, Shawn says we must find other occasions to eat steak!
.Dallin was in charge of the lesson for FHE and he taught us about the little white bible and some of the things he's going to be doing, things he should not to, when he wakes up, goes to bed, what P day is really all about and other great bits of info for our family to know about missionaries.
We then followed up the lesson by a classic game of Scattergories!  We love that game.  Everyone has a wonderful time trying their hardest to think of something someone else doesn't have!  The best is when we all miss the obvious!
Dallin said our family prayer and felt like he wrapped it up well.  Tomorrow he's an elder!

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