Saturday, February 2, 2013

The MTC day

January 30, 2013
12:30 drop off time
Provo MTC

Welcome snow storm!  Well, it snowed a got 4 inches at our house so what better way to start your missionary service hours that by shoveling!  Shawn makes a great companion!  And Dallin got to wear his service clothes.  I had to take Sierra, Hyrum and Samuel to school for a few hours before we went to pick them up at 930 so we would have enough time to make it to Provo by 12:30 and not be rushed at all.  Never know about the traffic!

snow at our house

Dallin by "his" truck.  It's now really Sierra's truck

This is where Dallin decided we would all go out to eat

Yummy yummy!  The Big Kalua sandwich, pulled chicken  sandwich, and Lula pork nachos!

Shawn and his missionary

perfect snowy day with my family

ohh we only had 5 minutes left Dallin at this point

all paths lead to the Temple

can we do this???tears coming!

OK Dallin looks like a giant in this picture.  We officially measured him this morning and he's 6ft.  Sierra has actually grown and she's 5'7" Maybe Dallin's on his toes

Ok so this exchange took maybe 2 minutes!  It is super fast!  We all got out of the van, Elder Hansen was there to meet Dallin and get him where he needed to go.  We all got a good hug from Dallin.  Good wrap up with Shawn

Momma hug!

Rum hug, samo got a hug too!  Then it was time.  Elder Hansen started rolling the first bag away

So there goes my Dallin, my missionary, my son

And now there is goes!  See the green tags on his bags...

and he's gone and he didn't look back

This is where we dropped him off

And this is where his shoes will stay while he's gone!

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